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Hold Yourself Accountable for The Victory

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Delegate yourself to follow through on your success!

Whether your goal is to find a better job, lose weight, finish your degree, or pay off all your bills, something is bound to get in the way if you let it. I’ve learned that one of the most important differences between those who flounder and those who succeed is that winners don’t make excuses. They just keep on “keeping on.” They are persistent, and stay accountable to themselves.

Colonel Sanders was “too old” to start a business. The Wright brothers knew that no one had ever flown. Henry Ford was building automobiles when the world used horses. David was too young, to unskilled, and too poorly equipped to fight Goliath. The world scoffed at their ideas and dreams. They could have come up with a long list of excuses for why they could not succeed, but they didn’t. They stood their ground, faced problems head-on, demanded excellence from themselves and became amazing examples for us all.

Don’t look back on what you didn’t accomplish last year. Press on toward a new beginning and embrace the new season of a new day. As you meet the new day with confidence and gratitude for the present good that is in your life, remember that you are accountable for all that you are and will ever be. With goals, plans, and accountability for pressing on toward the accomplishment of your goals, and with God as the lead, victory is waiting for you!


  1. Eliminate excuses. They are just that—excuses.

  2. Delegate yourself. No one owes you anything.

  3. Stay focused. Keep distractions away.

  4. Use your time wisely and do not allow others to waste your time.

  5. Keep God as your source, and you will win every time.

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